Your guide to trading on our music rights marketplace


Royal is a music rights marketplace that is changing the way fans connect with artists by opening up music ownership to anyone with a credit card. Now you can discover, invest in, and trade music — plus earn royalties alongside artists you believe in.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Music as a growing asset class
  • What it means to own music rights
  • Buying and selling music through Royal
  • Music as a growing asset class

    Royal is built on the belief that the next era of music will shift power to artists and the people who believe in them. We’re paving the way for that future by broadening access to music as an asset class — an opportunity that has traditionally been limited to specific groups with access, such as private equity firms, hedge funds, and record labels. Not anymore.

    What it means to own music rights

    Our model opens up music ownership to the masses, benefiting both fans and artists.

    Fans earn royalties and get exclusive access to special offerings like concert tickets, collectibles, 1:1 conversations, and more.

    Artists maintain control over their work, cultivate a community of believers, and create a new revenue stream with favorable terms to continue to fuel their careers.

    The Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Nas have already shared ownership in their music through Royal, which you can own a piece of today — and there’s so much more to come.

    Artists share ownership in their music. Musicians use Royal to share a percentage of streaming royalty rights with fans and collectors, allowing them to be co-owners of the song or album.

    You invest. When you buy a token, you receive exclusive access to streaming royalty rights + curated benefits directly from the artist (including content, collectibles, and experiences). You truly own a piece of the song or album because you own the master streaming rights associated with it — and the rights generate income. It brings new meaning to music ownership.

    In addition to buying music rights, you can also sell these same rights through Royal at any time. When you sell a token, funds become immediately available in your balance or wallet for you to invest in more music or withdraw.

    Everyone wins. As your music collection streams, you earn royalties from digital service providers like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

    For the first time, artists and fans are partners in the ownership of music. When artists win, you do too — and you get more than just bragging rights.

    How to participate in music ownership


    Every drop on Royal marks the first time an artist shares ownership in a song or album with the general public. Artists choose what percentage of streaming royalty rights they want to sell.

    There is an entry window where users can enter for an equal chance to buy a token. This gives you a period of time to snag tokens that earn you streaming royalties and unlock exclusive extras from your favorite artists.

    Each token is embedded with streaming royalty rights and additional exclusive benefits that artists have curated for the drop, which we call extras.

    Here’s how to own a piece of the music:

    1/ Sign up: Create a free account to join a community of fans and artists. Once you’ve registered, set up your profile, check out your portfolio, and explore available music from your Discover page.

    2/ Buy tokens to own a piece of each song or album: Royal tokens legally grant you partial ownership in a song’s streaming royalties. Tokens are available across three different tiers: gold, platinum, and diamond. Ownership percentage varies across each tier; tokens in higher tiers come with more ownership and are more limited. Artists will also include exclusive content and other benefits with each token.

    When a drop goes live, you’ll enter a draw that randomly selects entries to keep things fair. After a successful purchase, you’ll receive a receipt and an email confirming your token was delivered. Read more on how to buy tokens.

    If your entry isn’t selected in the draw, you can buy available tokens on our trading marketplace or instantly place a bid.

    3/ Collect royalties, rise together: Now that you own a piece of the music, you have a legal right to royalties accrued across streaming platforms. This means you’ll earn royalties as the artist gets paid, and you’ll have exclusive access to special extras from the artist.

    To claim royalties and redeem extras, you need to maintain ownership of the token. As long as you have the token, we’ll notify you when royalties and extras are available to be claimed. Timing for royalty disbursements will vary depending on the artist and how frequently they receive royalty payouts (e.g. once a quarter, time a year, etc).

    4/ Sell music anytime: Through our music rights marketplace, you can sell tokens to other collectors. Trading begins instantly after a draw closes. Either list a token at the market price for an instant match, or set your own price and we’ll match you with a buyer.

    When a listing has been filled, funds become immediately available in your balance. You can use them to buy more music or transfer them to your wallet. (Bank transfers are coming soon!)

    Dig deeper

    Together, we’re redefining music ownership by giving more power to fans and artists.

    We have additional resources for you in our Help Center. Some useful articles are linked below.

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