Over $100K in streaming royalties delivered to collectors!


Update 11/04: Royalties delivered. Collectors earned $61,571.29 in royalties across seven songs, one album, and one EP.

We’re delivering our second round of payouts tomorrow.

Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Nas, Ollie, Elephante, 3LAU, Jacob Lee, and Vérité will deliver $61,571.29 in streaming royalties to collectors on November 4. With this payout, fans will have earned more than $100,000 from artists through Royal.

The Chainsmokers made history earlier this year by giving away 1% of ownership in their new album “So Far So Good” to fans for free. Now, they’re making history again by delivering the first-ever album royalty payouts to fans. Token holders will earn royalties alongside The Chainsmokers for May and June streams. They’ve also received dope extras like meet-and-greet opportunities, virtual listening parties, and more.

Streaming royalty payouts

Royalties will be claimable on Friday, November 4. If you hold one of these tokens, you’ll receive a notification via email when royalties are available to claim in your dashboard.

In the chart below, you’ll find payout amounts for each drop along with an estimated annualized return based on the original token price.* When pricing tokens on Royal, we estimate how a song will perform based on factors like comparable music, genre, and age.

Sometimes, music outperforms our forecasts. Take Diplo’s single “Don’t Forget My Love” and Ollie’s EP "Underrated." Both of these new releases exceeded streaming expectations, and collectors are reaping the rewards.

We believe this is part of what makes our platform exciting—if you invest in music you believe in, you can earn outsized returns as the music grows in popularity.


It’s worth noting that in order to receive the royalties, you must hold the token at the time of the payout. To claim your funds through Royal, create an account if you haven’t already.

Making music rights accessible

We’ve been hard at work building tools for the next generation of music. While we can’t share specific details just yet, you’ll hear more from us soon. In the meantime, thanks for being on this journey with us. Together, we’re creating a world where anyone can invest in music they believe in. And we’re just getting started.

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  • *Annualized return (ROI) reflects the return from the royalties against the price of the primary sale, scaled up to reflect a full 12 months. Note that songs don’t typically have flat returns, so the true 12 month ROI may vary materially from these estimates.